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Board Members






Jay Weatherwax

Betty Knott

Tyrone Bell


Term Expires





Contact the Section 3 board at:
The role of the board is to conduct the business of the HOA in accordance with the standards established by the association’s governing documents.  Board members help protect and enhance property values.  Among other responsibilities,  board members have a fiduciary responsibility to the property owners.  The Board should always:
  • act in good faith
  • act in the best interests of the HOA as a whole
  • avoid any conflict of interests
  • take actions with proper authority, and
  • not make negligent or willfully hurtful actions.

HOA Board Members work without compensation.  They are leaders of our community who have volunteered considerable time and effort to protect the interests of our community.

IT Committee

Members                                   Term Expires

Jacqueline Blankenship          2024

David Rennie                             2023

Betty Knott                                Webmaster*

Jim Rinn                                    Webmaster*

* Position is permanent as long as member is Webmaster

Contact the IT Committee at:


In May of 2020 the Section 3 Board formed an IT Committee.  The IT Committee’s responsibilities include 
  • advising the Section 3 Board in IT concerns, issues, and procedures as they arise
  • overseeing and reviewing the Woods Edge Section 3 website
  • ensuring that the website adheres to the requirements of HOA’s as defined by the State of Texas
  • ensuring our website represents our community in a positive and informative way

Architectural Control Committee

Members                                     Term Expires

Michele Carte                             2023

Mary Rennie                               2022

Jennifer Taylor                           2023

Keith Witty                                  2022

Contact the Section 3 ACC at:
(message goes to all members)

The role of the architectural committee is to help maintain property values by enforcing standards. The homeowner has the right to modify or make improvements to their property, as derived from the governing documents.  The homeowner is generally allowed to make modifications to the interior of the property without ACC approval, as long as the property’s structural integrity is not altered.  The ACC is responsible for reviewing members’ applications for modifications or additions.

Woods Edge Section 3 ACC Guidelines

Woods Edge Section 3 Architect Approval Form.pdf

Woods Edge Section 3 Architect Guidelines Storage Bldg.pdf

Remember ...

Submit your exterior projects to the Architectural Control Committee for approval before you begin a project.

Mailing Address:

Woods Edge Estates Section 3 
1860 FM 359, Box 104
Richmond, TX   77406